Please read over the rules of eligibility and program descriptions before completing your application.

Application Guidelines

Below you will discover how to apply for the Gene Doyle Adventure Scholarship.

Applications are now available in the following ways:

  • Online
  • PDF format
  • From all Collier County high schools (after the first of the year)
  • From the Scholarship Committee.

Please complete the application fully. If you are applying online, please remember to mail or email your required letters of recommendation.

If you decide to apply via a hard copy, you can mail or email it to the Scholarship Committee.

Application must be received on or before: Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Mail to:

Gene Doyle Adventure Scholarship
3201 70th Street SW
Naples, Florida 34105

 E-mail submissions to: 


Online Application

To apply you can fill out the online application below or click the “online” link above. You may also mail or email a PDF version following the instructions above.

Please remember to email or mail in your letters of recommendation or your application will not be accepted.