Gene Doyle Fishing Tournament Format

Read below to find out how the tournament is organized and scored.

Tournament Format and Scoring

For more information, you can also call Tournament Co-Chairs Katie & Matt Betz               (239)784-3014.

The Gene Doyle Fishing Tournament is a backcountry catch and release tournament targeting Snook, Redfish (Red Drum) and Trout (Spotted Sea Trout). Trophies are awarded for Grand Champion (greatest number of points) Largest Snook, Largest Redfish and Largest Trout in each of four divisions. Trophies are also awarded for the Tournament’s Most Unusual Catch, Best Photograph, Top Female Angler (Open and Guided Divisions), Grand Champion Small Fry (Open and Guided) and Trash Can Slam.

Points for all Individual Anglers, Youth and Adult Divisions, will be awarded for a successful catch and release as outlined in the rules. Points can be attained as follows:

  • 10 points per inch on Day #1. 
  • 15 points per inch on Day #2.

For entering three fish of the same species, 100 bonus points will be awarded on Day #1 and 150 bonus points on Day #2. If an angler enters three fish in each of the three species (3 Snook, 3 Redfish and 3 Trout) 200 additional bonus points are awarded on Day #1 (for a total bonus of 500 points) and 300 points on Day #2 (for total bonus points of 750).

The Grand Champion is determined by the largest number of points:

In the Youth Divisions, the Champion is determined by an individual angler’s points.

In the Adult Divisions the Champion is determined by team points.

In the Adult Team Divisions, Rule 24 applies except as follows:

A team may enter four fish of each species.

The team must enter four fish of a species to receive bonus points for closing out a species.

Each team member must have caught one of the four fish entered in each species and the first 4 fish photographed are the ones scored.  (No team member can enter more than three fish of a species.)

There is no limit on the number of anglers on a team, but each team must have at least two members.  If there are only two anglers on the team and one angler is a youth angler, the youth will fish as a member of the team.

A youth angler fishing with two or more adults may, but is not required to, be a member of an Adult Team.

A youth angler fishing as part of an Adult Team will be eligible for Youth Grand Champion only if the Adult Team does not win the Adult Grand Champion. 

All divisions including the Adult Team Divisions compete individually for largest fish trophies. Any youth angler fishing in an Adult Team Division will compete for largest fish trophies in the Youth Division.

The Trash Can Slam Trophy will be awarded to the angler catching a Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish and Catfish all on the same day with the greatest total number of inches for the three fish.

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